Reference Lab & Hospital Drug Testing Services

Harvest Labs offers branded "pass-through" toxicology solutions for reference labs and hospitals

Your Full Service Back Office Toxicology Partner

Harvest Labs can do it all. We can manage the entire toxicology process from sample to result with our pass-through testing services. In partnership with us, you will greatly reduce labor, equipment maintenance, and administrative expenses by utilizing our reliable drug testing services and custom branded materials. We offer a complete urine toxicology and oral fluid toxicology package including custom branded requisition forms and reports with quick result viewing through our free Web Portal.

Call us today to learn more about becoming a partner: (888) 975-7447.

Custom-Branded Requisition Forms

By partnering with Harvest Labs, you eliminate the need to transpose testing data manually into another format with your logo on it. We can create and print custom branded requisition forms with your logo on the top that give your facility's documentation a cohesive feel throughout the toxicology process.

*Custom branded forms are available only with a lab to lab agreement or reference agreement. Call us for more information at (888) 975-7447.

Custom-Branded Toxicology Lab Reports

We can create cost-effective, custom branded reports with your lab or hospital logo on the top. Our lab report services help you maximize efficiency with reports designed to simplify lab testing and processing, and to do so while maintaining your unified brand image.

Web Portal for Viewing Results

Our "white-label" Web Portal makes viewing and managing your lab results quick and easy. We supply an embeddable code that you can place anywhere on your website to allow access to the portal. Patients and physicians can log on to the Customer Portal from your website to view reports anytime, anywhere. Our logo or company name will not appear anywhere in the portal, allowing you to maintain your own branded feel.